3 Words in Running Man Ep. 285(5대 최강자전 능력치 평가고사, The 5th Strongest Running Man Competition)

등잔 밑이 어둡다


You missed some or your possession and tried to find that. But you failed. After a while, you finally found it. The interesting thing is that it was really near your seat. You were blinded and couldn't find something that easy.

This is called 등잔 밑이 어둡다 in Korean. It basically means that under the lamp is dark. As lamps shine the room, so it seems easy to find anything right under the lamp. However, because of that, you just believed there was nothing in there and couldn't find it sooner.

From this basic meaning, it is used to say when you are partially blinded for the easy things.

In English, it can be translated as "Husband is always the last to know."

등잔 밑이 어둡다더니, 바로 옆에 있는 것을 못 보고 이러고 있었네.
They say, "husband is always the last to know." I was blinded and I couldn't find it right next to me.

우리 학교에 좋은 강의가 있는데, 학원만 찾고 있었네. 등잔 밑이 어둡긴 어둡구나.
There was a good lecture in our school, but I was only finding some private lectures. Husband is always the last to know.



When something is broken into tiny pieces, it is called 산산조각 in Korean.

조각 means pieces. 산산(散散) means shattered or spread. The character 흩을 산(散) has the meaning spread. When a glass is hit be a bullet, it is shattered. It's something like that.

Figuratively, it is used with dreams or plans a lot when they became a failure.

3년간의 계획이 산산조각 났다.
The 3 years of plan became useless.

100년 넘게 보관되어 온 조각품이 테러리스트에 의해 산산조각 나 버렸다.
The sculpture preserved for more than 100 years was shattered into tiny pieces by the terrorist.



When many people are speaking something similar, or they agree on something. You can use the word, 이구동성.

이(異) means different. 구(口) means mouth. 동(同) means same. 성(聲) means sound. 이구동성 means that different mouths let out same sound. In other words, many people have one voice, many people talk about the same thing, etc.

그들은 이구동성으로 영희를 칭찬했다.
All of them complimented 영희 with one voice.

여당과 야당은 이구동성으로 북한을 비판했다.
Ruling and the opposition party criticized North Korea with one voice.

More Words

1. 날 생(生)


날 생(生) means alive. 생머리 is the hair that you didn't do perm on.

2. 호언장담


When you are sure for something it is called 호언장담 in Korean.