3 Words in Running Man Ep. 284(10인의 결사단, The 10 Members of Secret Society) – Learn Korean with Running Man

하늘의 별 따기


Can you pluck a star in the sky? Maybe not.

As we all know, many stars in the sky are usually bigger than Earth. Even if you succeeded in plucking them, it's impossible to place them near your house.

When something is practically or literally impossible, Koreans usually use the expression, 하늘의 별 따기 a lot. As I said before, it means plucking or picking stars in the sky. It is also used in some cases when something is really hard to do so it is rare to find the success example.

하늘의 별 따기가 그것보다 쉬울 것 같은걸?
I think plucking the star in the sky would be easier than that.

요즘 직장을 구하는 것이 하늘의 별 따기가 되어 버렸다.
These days, getting a job became almost impossible.



If you meet someone who has the same disease you have, you can understand them a lot. This shouldn't necessarily be diseases. If you meet someone going through the same hardship or obstacle you are, you can feel sympathy.

The word, 동병상련, is for this situation.

동(同) means same or identical. 병(病) means disease. 상(相) means each other. 련(憐) means feel sympathy. It basically means those who have same disease feel sympathy for each other. It is used when those who are undergoing same hardship feel sympathy for each other.

동병상련 처지의 동료들끼리 자신의 문제에 대해 이야기하는 시간을 가졌다.
They had the time to share their situation with the friends undergoing the same hardship.

그 두 팀은 완전 동병상련의 처지가 되었다.
Those two teams are now undergoing the same hardship.



When 2 people are arguing, the word 티격태격 is used.

As it is 4 characters, you can easily guess that there might be some related 한자 with this word. However, it is not.

In Running Man, members argue for nothing. Because of that, you can see this word a lot.

그렇게 티격태격하다가도 해야 할 때가 되면 잘 한다.
They always argue, but they work well with each other when they have to.

그만 티격태격하고 일 좀 하라고!
Stop arguing and do some work!

More Words

1. 또박또박


When you speak syllable by syllable clearly, it is 또박또박.