3 Words in Running Man Ep. 282(반전! 겨울 동화, A Winter Tale of Running Man: The Secret of a Frozen Kingdom)



When two people are enemies and they fight for everything, they are called 앙숙.

그 둘은 앙숙 같지만 사실 무척 친하다.
Both of them look like enemies, but they are really on good terms.

This word can be also used for nations or animals.

한국과 일본은 앙숙 관계이다.
Korea and Japan are on bad terms.

우리 집 개랑 고양이는 앙숙이 아니야.
The dogs and cats in my home are not enemies.



As we all know 남자 is male, then who is 상남자? It means man among man or real man. If some man is really full of energy and confidence, highly enthusiastic and powerful. He's called 상남자.

상(上) here means "up". So, it sometimes means good or great level or quality. That's why 상남자 got this meaning.

It is not in the dictionary, but you can see this word a lot in Internet boards and TV show captions.

다음 주 이 시간에는 상남자들의 대결의 펼쳐진다.
The fight between real men will be held next week.

몇 년 전만 해도 작은 아이었는데, 상남자가 되어 돌아왔다.
A few years ago, he was just a kid, but he came back as real man.

Real woman is sometimes called "상여자". But it is much rarely used than 상남자.




This word is short for 낚시에 대한 자부심, the pride for fishing. It is recently used with some prides you have. Examples are like 군부심(the pride for your army), 대학부심(the pride for your college), 렙부심(the pride for your level in games), etc.

낚부심 is not used for contempt in this context. However, the words above are used for contempt a lot such as boasting about something that you should not. You should be careful if you want to use these words. If you are not sure, then don't use those words and the longer form, ~에 대한 자부심.

낚부심에 상처를 받았다.
His pride for fishing was hurt.

그렇게 대학부심을 드러낼 필요는 없지.
You don't have to show off your college.