3 Words in Running Man Ep. 281(The House 땅따먹기, The House: The Game of the Heirs)



Suppose that there is a secret. Then, you should be careful not to reveal it. However, someone talks or acts like it is not a secret. It is called 대놓고.

완전 대놓고 이야기하더라.
You talked about it in the open.

그 사건에 대해서는 아무도 대놓고 묻지 못하고 있었다.
No one was asking about that case in the open.

It is usually translated as "in the open", "in the presence of", "before the face", etc.

찬물 더운물 가릴 상황이 아니다.


When you are in desperate need, you would get any help, or take any action. This is called 찬물, 더운물 가릴 상황이 아니다 in Korean.

Similar expression is 찬밥 더운밥 가릴 상황이 아니다. When you are really hungry, you would eat ice-cold food happily. This phrase is about that situation.

찬물 더운물 가릴 상황이 아니야. 도전해 볼래.
I am not in the position to pick something. I'll try.

찬물 더운물 그만 가리고 뭐라도 해 봐.
Stop being picky and do something.

Someone translated it as "You are in no position to be picky" for this phrase.



It came from the person in late Chosun Dynasty, 봉이 김선달. He's famous for making money from something that should not be.

In old Korea, water in 대동강(liver near Pyeongyang) was clear, but he sold that water to some merchants from 한양(old name of 서울).

Because of his frauds, his name is usually used in bad context, especially for someone who exploits only profits for nothing.

In this game, 재석 earned some R coins as commission. He was a bit like 김선달. So, this word is used.

완전 봉이 김선달이네!
You are a scoundrel!

선달 is not his real name. It is a rank in 과거(exam for government in Chosun).