3 Words in Running Man Ep. 276(Lost in 서울) – Learn Korean with Running Man

발목 잡다


You want to go on or advance to the next level, but you cannot for some reason. It is idiomatically called 발목을 잡히다 in Korean.

발목 is your ankle. If your ankle is held, you cannot walk or run on. That's why 발목을 잡히다 is to be hindered or interrupted or obstructed.

As 잡히다 is 피동 form of the verb, 잡다, to hold, you can use it like 발목을 잡다 to actively obstruct or hinder others.

치명적인 버그가 내 발목을 잡았다.
A critical bug hindered the success of my program.

과거 그 사건이 항상 내 발목을 잡는다.
That event of my early days always hinder my life.

말이 씨가 되다


Sometimes, what you said becomes true. 말이 씨가 되다 can be used for that situation.

말 is what we talk. 씨 is seed(they sound really similar). When you put seed on the ground and give them some water, it becomes bigger and you can get some fruits from it. Your talk became a seed and you got the fruit of it.

That's why 말이 씨가 되다 became "you should watch what you talk." Because of this meaning, it is used mostly in negative sense.

말이 씨가 될 줄은 몰랐네. 그런 말은 함부로 하는 것이 아니었는데.
I didn't know that it will come true. I shouldn't have said something like that carelessly.

말 조심해. 말이 씨가 된다.
Watch out for your talks. You will reap what you talked.

유종의 미


When you try hard to the end, you get the good ending. 유종의 미 is the word for "the art of good ending".

유종(有終) means that "there is the end (if there is the beginning)." 미(美) means beauty. It basically means the beauty of the ending.

It is usually said in the situation like near the graduation of the school or near the end of projects. We talk to each other, "let's try hard. The end is near. Let's get good result." when the end of something is coming to us. It is "유종의 미를 거둘 수 있도록 열심히 하자." in Korean.

유종의 미를 거둘 수 있도록 열심히 하자.
Let's do our best to end it well.

결국 유종의 미를 잘 거두었다.
We finally ended the project well.