3 Words in Running Man Ep. 250(시간 속의 질주, Dashing Through Time) – Learn Korean with Running Man

This is another 3 words in Running Man Episode 250, 시간 속의 질주. I hope you enjoy the show and have fun with words.



가지각색 means various or diverse. This word is a bit interesting because first 가지 is pure Korean word and 각색 is Sino-Korean word, 한자어.

가지 is dependent noun that is used to count the number of kinds or sorts like 3 가지 방법, 4가지 성격, etc. 각색 means each color. The basic meaning of 가지각색 is all sorts and colors, so it means various.

가지각색의 성격을 가진 가수 5명을 모아 놓았다.
They have collected 5 singers who have various personalities.

시청자들의 의견도 가지각색이었다.
The opinions of the viewers were various.



When you just woke up, your head is not clear. 비몽사몽 is the word for this situation.

비(非) means not and 사(似) means similar. 몽(夢) means dream. The basic meaning of 비몽사몽 is someone is not in a dream but is like in a dream. We feel like this when we just woke up. That's why 비몽사몽 is used to call half asleep state.

비몽사몽한 상태에서 일해 봤자 잘 안 된다.
Even if you work in half asleep state, it isn't good for completion.

일어나자마자 비몽사몽한 상태에서 라디오를 틀었다.
As soon as she woke up, she turn on the radio when in half asleep state.



Weather forecasts tell us many warnings. I've collected words for weather forecast warnings.

There are 3 levels of warning, 주의보, 경보, 특보. 주의보 is the weakest, 경보 is in the middle, 특보 is the most strict warning.

They warn us for these things:

  • 폭염: hotness
  • 한파: coldness
  • 호우: rainfall
  • 대설: snowfall
  • 풍랑: high seas
  • 폭풍: storm
  • 태풍: typhoon
  • 황사: yellow dust
  • 미세 먼지: find dust
    • fine here doesn't mean good, it means really small or tiny.
  • 건조: dryness
  • 오존: ozone