3 Words in Running Man 356(I-Go Race 2)



This word came from Christianity.

전도 is evangelism. 전도사 is usually the full-time evangelist in churches. 전도사s propagate Christianity.

So, this word is used when someone propagates something good like 건강 전도사(who propagates healthy life), 바른 말 전도사(who propagates good words), 운동 전도사(who propagates exercises), etc.

이 분은 우리 회사의 건강 전도사야.
This person is the health evangelist in our company.



It means "without any secret", or "without hiding something".

그렇게 대놓고 이야기하지 마.
Don't talk to him without any secret like that.

완전 대놓고 가져가겠다고 협박하는 거야?
Are you downright threating me to take that?



정모 is the shortened word for 정식 모임(regular get-together).

It is usually used in online communities.

이번 정모는 부산에서 할까?
How about meeting at 부산 this time?

정모 안 한지도 꽤 오래 됐네.
Long time has passed since we did our last get-together.