3 Words in Running Man 355(I-Go Race 1)



It is usually used in the phrase of "환심을 사다".

환심 means to be delightful or cheerful. And 사다 means buy.

It is used when you earn some favor or interest by giving others free gift.

Although I said "free gifts", it can be a bribe if you give it for some intent. So, this phrase can be used in negative sense like 교묘히 환심을 사다, earning other's favor in a clever way or 아첨으로 환심을 사다, earning one's favor by flattery, etc.

환심을 사는 데에는 성공했는데, 다음은 어째야 할라나?
I succeeded earning favor from her, but what should I do next?

아첨으로 환심을 산 후에 물건을 팔아 보려는 수작이지.
They're planning to sell products after earning some favor with flattery.



It is a medical word, manic-depressive disorder.

If you have this disease, you'll be cheerful at one point, but you'll be mad or sad right after that.

Interestingly, you can see this word a lot in conversation between Koreans if someone has drastic emotional changes.

The most similar English day-to-day word might be "emotional roller coaster".

너 조울증 있는 거 아냐?
Don't you have manic-depressive disorder?

조울증도 아니고, 왜 갑자기 웃었다가 울었다가 그러는 거야?
You don't have manic-depressive disorder. Then, why are you laughing and crying on and on?



It is usually used as "녹초가 되다".

It means "becoming burned out, extremely tired".

It is said that it came from the word "녹은 초", melted candle. Like melted candle, you don't have power to stand still or burn yourself to work. I guess you can understand what I mean.

별로 한 것도 없는데 녹초가 되어 버렸네.
I didn't do much, but I burned out.

녹초가 됐다는 것은 오늘 하루 열심히 살았다는 거지.
Burning out means that I lived today diligently.