3 Words in Running Man 354(Global Race 8)



It means something never heard before.

전(前) means before. 대(代) means age. 미(未) means not. 문(聞) means to hear. So, it means something never heard in previous ages.

They are going to 전율미궁(Labyrinth of fear). 전율미궁 is a unique noun so it is not much used but 전대미문 is used a lot. So, 석진 is confused with the words.

전대미문의 사건이 터져 버렸다.
An accident happened that anyone never heard about it.

전대미문의 기록에 도전한다.
They're challenging for a new record.



It is usually used like 으름장을 놓다. It means to threat.

It is said that it came from the ancient Korean verb, 으르다, meaning to threat.

으름장 놓는 거야? 그걸로 되겠어?
What? Are you threatening me? You thought that it's enough?

북한이 계속 미사일 쏘겠다고 으름장을 놓는데?
North Korea is continuously threatening us that they will launch a missile?



It usually means opinion.

This word is usually used after you got a big prize(수상 소감), or achieved something, or doing something unusual.

In this case, they arrived 전율미궁. It's really unusual experience. It seems that that's why PD used the word.

10년만에 상을 타셨는데 소감이 어떠세요?
You got the prize after 10 years of work. How do you feel?

108년만에 우승하셨는데 소감 한 번 말씀해 주세요.
You won the series after 108 years. Please tell us how you feel now.