3 Words in Running Man 353(Global Race 7)



It means embarrassing.

It is a slang. Use it only between close friends. Don't use it when you should be polite.

뻘쭘하기는 한데 이 말을 해야 할 것 같아.
It's a bit embarrassing, but I think that I should say this.

왜 그렇게 뻘쭘해 해. 그냥 편하게 있어.
Why are you so embarrassed? Just make yourself at home.



It's a compound word of 새(new) and 내기(person). So, it means new person.

It is used to tell some new people in a group: new employees, new students, etc.

However, it is not used for someone in high place. If the board of directors designated new boss, he isn't 새내기. No one can call him 새내기 except himself.

올해 새내기들은 참 특이해.
New students this year is really odd.

오늘로 새내기 대학생이 되었다.
I started college this year.

하드 캐리


It is "hard carry" written in 한글. It came from some games like LOL or DoTa.

In those games, you team up with the members. Sometimes, your team members are really bad at playing games and you have to deal with all members of the opponent team. In that hard situation, you finally managed to win the game. Then, it is called "hard carry". It seems that it came from "you carried all your team members hard to win".

오늘 방송은 그 팀이 하드 캐리했네. 걔네만 웃겼어.
They did everything in today's show. Only they were funny.

조별 과제 내가 하드 캐리했다.
I did everything in our team homework.