3 Words in Running Man 352(Global Race 6)



This word is used when you're gathering something scattered on the ground. In addition, you can use it when you're taking out something deep inside of your pocket, body.

In this screenshot, 지효 took out the notebook in her necklace. It's not a pocket, but it was attached to her body, so it is valid usage.

옷을 주섬주섬 챙겨 입고 밖으로 나갔다.
I took the clothes and put them on and went out.

주머니에서 주섬주섬 먹을 것들을 꺼내더니 다 나한테 주었다.
She took out some foods from her pocket and gave all of them to me.



분량 basically means amount. However, in TV shows, especially varieties, it means the time you show up in the show.

If you weren't funny, then you'll have less "amount" of time on the show. Otherwise, you'll have a lot of time. That's what it means.

런닝맨은 유재석 분량이 제일 많은 것 같아.
In Running Man, it seems that 유재석 has the most show time.

예능은 누가 더 분량을 많이 잡느냐의 싸움이라고.
Variety is the battle of getting more show time.



It's another baby word. It means something dirty. When kids are trying to touch something dirty like dust, dung, etc., many Koreans say "지지, 지지" and take them away from them. And usually after that, kids cry because they couldn't do what they wanted.

지지. 만지지 마.
Dirty. Don't touch it.

지지는 왜 지지인 거지? 지저분해서 그런 건가?
Why 지지 is 지지? Is that because it's dirty?