3 Words in Running Man 351(Global Race 5)



This word came from baseball. When a pitcher takes the mound, it is called 등판.

So, it is used when someone appears or starts to move.

In the screenshot above, 재석 is now buying tickets. So, 등판 is used here.

너무 빨리 등판하는 거 아냐?
It seems that you're starting too fast. Doesn't it?

10회 초 등판해 홈런을 맞았다.
He took the mound in 10th top, and was hit a home run.



대장정 is the long journey. It is really used for a journey like 4-week journey, etc.

However, when you need to put a lot of effort for something for a long time, this word is used, too.

In this case, RM team has done a lot of games for this 앗싸 관광. So, this word is used.

5주 간의 대장정이 마무리되었다.
The long journey of 5 weeks has been finished.

한국에는 국토대장정이라고 해서 방학 때 몇 주 동안 길게 걸어다니면서 여행하는 게 있어.
In Korea, there is a nation-wide long journey called 국토대장정, which is the journey on foot for a few weeks.



This word came from the Japanese word, オタク(おたく, otaku), meaning nerd in Japanese.

This word became 오덕후 and 오 is eliminated. Although this new word is created, both 오타쿠, 오덕후 are still used in Korean, too.

However, meaning is a bit different. 덕후 has a bit less negative nuance. So, it is used when you are introducing your hobbies or interests like 차덕후(automobile maniac), 일본덕후(Japan lovers), 드라마덕후(drama lovers), etc.

Sometimes, you can even get rid of 후 like 차덕, 드라마덕, 일본덕 or 철덕(railroad, train lovers), 포덕(Pokemon lovers).

It is an informal language. So, don't use it in formal situations.

In the screenshot, 석진 buys and eats a lot of sheep meats, so 양고기 덕후 is used.

세상에 철덕도 있구나. 나쁜 의미가 아니고, 진짜로 처음 봤어.
I didn't know that there are railroad lovers. I didn't mean to say something wrong, but it's my first time to meet someone like you.

사람들은 뭐든 하나 정도는 덕후가 되어 살잖아. 안 그래?
Everyone has his or her own interest at least one. Doesn't it?