3 Words in Running Man 350(Global Race 4)

가관, 장관


These 2 words end with the same character 관, but they have almost opposite meaning.

가관 is used when someone’s action is really odd. It is used to ridicule or tease it. It has a sarcastic nuance.
장관 means great or awesome. It is used a lot with scenery or nature.

석진 was so excited to watch dolphins in real, so he was almost out of his mind at the moment. It seems that he used the wrong word at the beginning.

Interestingly, if you write 가관 in Chinese characters, it’s 可观. The meaning of this word in Chinese is 장관, not 가관 in Korean.

In dictionary, you can use 가관 for great scenery, but it is rarely used in real life. So, I recommend you to use 장관.

와 이거 정말 장관인데!
Wow, the scenery is awesome!

완전 가관이네. 도대체 무슨 생각으로 그런 짓을 한 거야?
What a mess! What did you think when you did that?



When you’re not so sure or when you don’t know this answer, your head slightly moves to one side, not in the right middle.

So, 갸우뚱 is used when are curious, or finding answer or simply don’t know about it.

고개를 갸우뚱 기울이고 생각 중이다.
He slanted his head and is now thinking about it.

갸우뚱거리지 말고 말 좀 해 봐.
Stop thinking and please tell me something.



Sometimes, you can find nouns in other language that are not in your mother tongue. 혼잣말 might be the case for English. It’s talking to yourself.

혼자 means alone and 말 means to talk. So, it means basically talking alone.

혼잣말한 거예요. 신경 쓰지 마세요.
I talked to myself. Just forget it.

그거 혼잣말이 아니라 나 들으라고 한 거지?
You didn’t talk to yourself. You wanted me to listen to that. Right?