3 Words in Running Man 349(Global Race 3)



머리 here doesn't mean hair or head, it means brain. And 잔 means miscellaneous, something not important. So, it means the brain for something miscellaneous, or brain for some tricks.

If you are not good at school grades, but you are good at tricks and scheming, it is called 잔머리가 좋다 in Korean. It is usually used in negative sense.
When using tricks, it is called 잔머리를 쓰다, or 잔머리를 굴리다.

그 친구 잔머리는 참 좋아. 그 머리 좀 더 좋은 데 쓰면 좋을텐데.
He is really good at tricks. It might be great if he uses his brain for something better.

잔머리 쓰지 말고 원칙대로 해.
Do not try to use trick and do it by the book.



This word describes something is decreasing bit by bit.

그렇게 야금야금 먹지 말고 한 번에 좀 많이 먹어 봐.
Don't eat that bit by bit. Eat a big bite instead.

희안하게 야금야금 사라진다.
It's decreasing bit by bit. It's really weird.



It is used when you're framing someone wrong. 몰다 means to drive and gather something to a chosen place and 가다 means to go.

So, you're framing someone to be wrong.

야, 너희들! 내가 잘못했다고 지금 몰아가는 거냐?
Hey, you! Are you framing me?

왜 문제가 뭔지 확인도 안 하고 몰아갈 생각만 하는 거야?
Why you don't think about the problem and only think about framing first?