3 Words in Running Man 348(Global Race 2)



실화 means real story.

These days, some people use this term to speak "is this true?" like "실화냐?"

이것은 실화에 기반한 드라마다.
This is a drama based on a real story.

동영상 하나를 만들었는데 1억명이 봤다고? 실화야?
You made a video clip and a hundred million people watched it? It that real?



The basic meaning of 내외 is inside and outside. You can find this usage in many sentences.

However, it has one more meaning. It is used when men and women are avoiding communication between them.

This word came from the traditional role model of men and women in old days. Women usually did the work at home, men usually did the work outside the home. You can understand why it got this meaning.

월드 시리즈 경기로 인해 경기장 내외에 많은 사람이 모였다.
Because of the World Series match, there are many people inside and outside of the stadium.

지금이 어느 시대인데 내외야?
Why are you avoiding men in this world and age?



I don't know why there is 빵 after 안전(safety). But this word means "safety measure" or "safety plan".

It is usually used as a phrase like "안전빵으로"(as a safety measure, for safety measure).

안전빵으로 하나 더 사 놨어.
I bought one more for unexpectable crisis.

안전빵으로 해 놓기에는 너무 과하지 않아?
Isn't it too much for the sake of safety measure?