3 Words in Running Man 347(Global Race)



When you are good at finding/selecting the best thing in a certain field, it is called "안목이 있다" or "안목이 뛰어나다". For example, if you are good at selecting good fruits from bad ones, you can be called "과일을 고르는 안목이 있다." If you're good at choosing great china, then you're "도자기를 고르는 안목이 뛰어나다".

사람 보는 안목이 너무 없네.
You are really bad at understanding the people's ability and character.
(This is used when someone recruited bad person for their team.)

이제는 가짜 뉴스를 걸러 낼 수 있는 안목을 키워야 한다.
From now on, we should develop the ability to filter out the fake news.



부루마블 came from the English word, Blue Marble, meaning the Earth, because the Earth is blue if you see it from the outer space.

It's a Korean version of Monopoly game. Because of that, you can find some Korean places like 제주도, 서울 on the map. And most of the blocks in the game map is changed from avenue to city name itself like 뉴욕(New York), 타이베이(Taipei), etc.

The chance is changed to 황금열쇠(the golden key).



당일치기 means the one-day trip. It means to visit the place and come back home in a single day. The distance is not related with the word, but usually it's far from the house. You don't say you traveled your city in a single day as 당일치기. It should be usually more-than-a-day trip that usually requires airline or train or ship, but you finished the trip in a day.

당일치기로 일본에 다녀왔어.
I visited Japan in a day.

어떻게 그리스를 당일치기로 다녀 와?
How can you go to Greece and come back in a single day?