3 Words in Running Man 346(Running Mate)



Every language has baby words which is used for babies. 맴매 is one of the baby words in Korean. It means scolding or spanking. It seems that it came from the word, 매, rod which is used to scold kids.

맴매 좀 맞자.
You should got scolded.

너 엄마 말 안 들으면 맴매 맞는다.
If you don't listen to me, you'll be scolded.

One of the famous baby words in Korean is 까까(cookies), 맘마(meal, food).



We should not forget other people's help. We should not betray it.

Betraying these help and being ungrateful is called 배은망덕 in Korean.

배(背) means to betray. 은(恩) means favor, kindness. 망(忘) means to forget. 덕(德) means virtue or person's good character.

So, 배은망덕 basically means "betraying favor or kindness and forgetting their virtue".

사람이라면 그런 배은망덕한 짓은 하지 말아야지?
If you're a human, you shouldn't be ungrateful like that.

서글프게도 사람들에게는 어느 정도 배은망덕한 면이 있는 것 같아.
Unfortunately, every person has a side of being ungrateful to others.



When you want to succeed, you should allot appropriate resources to appropriate places or times. 적재적소 is the word for this.

Two 적(適)s mean appropriate, proper. 재(材) means resource. It can be any resource like human, money, time, machine, etc. 소(所) means place.

부하들을 적재적소에 활용할 수 있어야 해.
You should learn to use your subordinates in proper places in proper times.

이번 인사는 회사의 인력을 적재적소에 잘 배치했다고 평가 받았다.
This personnel rearrangement is told to put every human resource in proper places.