3 Words in Running Man 345(King of Booking Race)



The screenshot has 패알못, but there are a lot of variants like 패알못, 법알못, 축알못, 야알못, 겜알못, etc. 알못 came from "~을 알지 못한다." We took 알 and 못 from the phrase.

It means that you are not good at or you don't know much about the topic. 패알못 means not knowing much about fashion. 법알못 means not knowing much about law, 축알못 means not knowing much about soccer(축구), 야알못 means not knowing much about baseball(야구), 겜잘알 means not knowing much about the game, etc.

The antonym of this word is "잘알" which came from "~을 잘 안다." So, the antonym of 패알못 is 패잘알. All you have to do is to replace 알못 with 잘알.

법알못이라 이 이상은 설명 못하겠다.
I don't know much about the law. So, I cannot explain more than this.

아는 체 해 봐야 축알못인거 드러나기만 하지.
It's meaningless to show off my knowledge because it'll only show my ignorance about soccer.



This word became popular thanks to LOL, League of Legends. (It is said that this word was used between some billiard players in early 2000s). In this game, to make your attack succeed, you should check the angle between your character and the target.

From this, it got the meaning that it is now a right situation to do something. 치킨각 means it is good time to eat chicken (so why don't we eat one?). 고소각 means that you made a situation to be sued (고소 means sue).

The 정답각 in the screenshot means that it is likely that he is in the right situation to tell the answer.

고소각 나왔다. 변호사 불러야겠다.
It seems that I can sue him. I should call my lawyer.

밤인데, 숙제는 안 끝나고 배는 고프고, 이거 치킨 각인데?
It's late in night. Homework is not finished and I feel hungry. How about some fried chicken?



In most games, there is a character that has an insanely good skills and stronger than other characters. They are called 사기 캐릭터 in Korean.

사기 here means fraud, scam. It got this word, because you firstly thought that the average ability of the characters are same and fair but you were deceived (by the system or the development team).

From this game word, when someone is really good at something and it hurts the balance, 사기캐 is used a lot.

그 정도로 사기캐인 줄 몰랐어.
I didn't know that he was that great character.

사실 우리 모두는 어떤 분야에서는 다 사기캐야.
Actually, all of us are great in some areas.