3 Words in Running Man 344(Runchelin Guide)



It is the word when you chew squid, a bit rubbery and flexible and elastic kind of feeling.

However, these days it is also used like "심장이 쫄깃쫄깃하다" to describe that the situation is really intense or you can feel a lot of tension.

오징어의 쫄깃쫄깃한 맛이 정말 좋다.
I really love the chewiness of squid.

오래간만에 심장이 쫄깃했어.
I haven't felt this tension for a long time.



삽 means shovel. (They sound somewhat similar.) 질 means to do something in habitual manner. So, 삽질 means shoveling.

However, without thinking, your shoveling can be waste of time. So, 삽질 has an informal meaning of making mistake or wasting a lot of time, doing something meaningless.

In the screenshot above, it is the word pun of these two meanings. 민용 said he's good at shoveling but he made a huge mistake in the rice shoveling game.

삽질이라고 생각했던 일들이 나중에 도움이 되는 경우가 많아.
In many times, the works you firstly thought that it's just a waste of time become really helpful later.

공사장에서 삽질밖에 잘하는 것이 없어서 문제야.
I am only good at shoveling in the construction place. That's the problem.

찬밥 신세


찬밥 means cold rice. 신세 means situation or status.

Many people think that hot or warm rice is much better than cold rice. So, they don't like it.

From this, 찬밥 신세 means that you lost interest from others or they ignore you.

완전 찬밥 신세가 되어 버렸네.
I completely lost their interest.

지금 찬밥 대접을 받는다고 해도 나중에 반드시 좋아질 거야.
Even though I am neglected by others now, but it will surely become better later.