3 Words in Running Man 343(6 Princess Race)

I'm sorry for the late update. I had 예비군 훈련(reserve forces training) from March 28th to 30th. So, I couldn't write anything yesterday because I was worn out.



You can hear this word a lot every March and April. All of us think that it'll become warmer in March because winter is ended. However, there are some cold days like winter in March and April. These coldness in March and April are called 꽃샘추위.

꽃 means flower and 샘 from the descriptive verb 시샘하다 meaning jealous. 추위 means coldness. The direct translation of the word is "the cold that is jealous of the flowers". You can interpret it like "the coldness wants to dominate the world for more time. But her time is ending because of the flowers. So, she's jealous of them." It's something like that.

꽃샘추위 때문에 못 살겠다.
It's too hard because of the cold weather in spring.

꽃샘추위 무시하지마. 봄에는 따뜻해질 것이라고 생각했다가 감기 걸리는 경우가 많아.
Do not ignore the coldness in spring. You can catch a cold because you thought it will be warm in spring.



It is used to describe the action and sound when you are angry and shout all of sudden.

왜 그렇게 버럭 소리를 지르고 그래?
Why did you shout all of sudden?

그 사건에 대해 자꾸 묻자 버럭 화를 냈다.
As I asked her about the accident continuously, she got mad.



잉꼬 is parakeet. This word came from Japanese. So, in dictionary, it is recommended to use 원앙부부. But 잉꼬 부부 is more widely used in Korean. I navered the 2 words and 잉꼬 부부 has almost twice more widely used.

그 두 사람 완전 잉꼬 부부야.
Those two are completely close couple.

잉꼬 부부라고 소문난 사람들이었는데, 사실은 아니었나봐.
They are widely known as close couple, but it was not in truth.