3 Words in Running Man 342(Getting Item Race)



친정 means wife's parents' home. In traditional Korean culture, woman left her parents' home after she is married. So, 친정 is a hometown she loves and misses.

From this, it sometimes means a company, team where you're from. It is how the word is used in screenshot. SBS is a kind of hometown or home ground for 재석 and 석진. That's why 친정 is used.

친정 팀과의 원정 경기인데 기분이 어떠세요?
It's the match with your old team. How do you feel?

친정에서 배웠던 거에요.
I learned that in my old company.



It is the shorthand of 가격 대비 성능의 비율, the ratio of price and performance.

If something is inexpensive but has great performance, it is called 가성비가 좋다 in Korean.

It can be usually translated as cost-effective.

그 모니터 가성비 진짜 좋네.
That monitor is really cost-effective.

가성비 최고 휴대폰.
Most cost-effective mobile phone.



한통속 means a group of people who have same goal or interest.

In the screenshot, 차태현 thought that RM PDs might be better than 1N2D PDs, but it wasn't. So, he said that every PD is the same.

다 한통속이었네. 나만 몰랐어.
Everyone was the same. I only didn't know.

사람들이 모두 내가 그 사람들과 한통속이라고 생각하는 것 같아.
It seems that everyone thinks I'm working with them.