3 Words in Running Man 341(Dangerous Deal)



입담 is the talking skills. When you are good at talking, it is called "입담이 좋다" in Korean.

입담 좋은 사람들끼리 모이니까 시간 금방 가네.
Time flies because everyone here is good at talking.

그 사람 입담은 진짜 못 당하겠다.
I cannot win him with talks.



080 is the toll-free number. Every toll-free number starts with 080.

부담 없는 무료 전화, 080-1234-5678.
Free phone call without any burden, 080-1234-5678.

080을 수신자 부담 전화라고 하지?
The toll for 080 numbers are paid by the receiver, right?



카바 here came from the English word, cover. 치다 here is to draw in drawing curtain. So, you're covering someone or some case.

So, it usually means to protect or hide.

왜 이런 사건을 카바치고 있는 거야?
Why are you protecting him for such a case?

그만 카바치고 나와라. 끝났다.
Stop protecting and get out. It's ended.