3 Words in Running Man 339(Members’ Week VIII: Gwangsoo’s Week)



In Korea, many men play soccer games on Sunday or holiday mornings. This is called 조기축구회. 조기 here means early in the morning and 축구 means soccer.

우리 아버지가 3년 전에 조기축구회 회장이셨어.
My father was the president of a Sunday morning soccer club 3 years ago.

완전 조기축구회 패션이네.
You wore like Sunday morning club players.



When you are playing turn based board games like chess, go, sometimes you want to go back to one or two moves. This is called 무르다 in Korean.

한 번만 물러 주면 안 돼?
Can I go back one move? / Can we do it one more time?

무르기 없다. 이걸로 끝이야.
There's no more try. This is the last.



When you are hungry and seeing some delicious food, your mouth is watering or full of saliva. 군침 is the word for that saliva in Korean.

It is usually used as a phrase like 군침이 돌다.

아 군침 도네. 지금 그런 음식을 보여 주면 어떡해?
My mouth is watering. Why did you show me that food at this time?

다이어트 중이라 아무리 군침이 돌아도 참아야 해.
As I am on a diet now, I should endure no matter what.