3 Words in Running Man 339(Members’ Week VII: Jaeseok’s Week)



대진 means a list of matches in sports league. Before starting the World Cup, the lists of matches are created, it is called 대진표.

When you are included in the group with weak teams, it is called 대진이 유리하다. Otherwise, it is called 대진이 불리하다.

대진이 상당히 불리해서 아마 16강도 못 갈 것 같아.
As we are in the group with strong teams, it seems that we cannot move on to the round of 16.

무슨 대진이 이래? 쟤네만 엄청 유리하네.
How can the list of matches be like this? They are only in huge advantage.



ㅎㄷㄷ came from 후덜덜. 후덜덜 is to describe the shudder when you feel fear or amazed. So, ㅎㄷㄷ is used when you are in awe, felt fear, or amazed. It is for the Internet or chatting only word between close friends.

정말 ㅎㄷㄷ하네.
It's really awesome/amazing.

진짜 ㅎㄷㄷ한 라인업이다.
It's really amazing lineup.
-> This is usually used in TV show guests, national sports team, etc.



떼 means a group of people and 창 means to sing. It's to sing along with the singer. You can see how it's like here and here.

한국 떼창에 감동한 외국 가수들도 있다고 하더라.
Many foreign singers are deeply touched by the singalong by the fans in Korea.

떼창 때문에 너무 요란했어.
Because of the singalong, it was too noisy.