3 Words in Running Man 338. Break Week



말괄량이 means a girl who is not mild or quiet and is clumsy and careless. In dictionary, tomboy is used but 말괄량이 doesn't have to be boyish. If she is naughty, then she can be 말괄량이.

"The Taming of The Shrew", written by Shakespeare, in Korean is "말괄량이 길들이기".

완전 말괄량이가 따로 없다니까.
She's completely naughty.

어릴 때는 말괄량이였는데, 지금은 완전 얌전해.
She was a complete tomboy when young, but she became quite mild these days.

~에 장사 없다


장사 here doesn't mean business or commerce. It means strong man. 장사 없다 means "there is no strong man".

It is usually used for some bad tricks or dirty strategies. It means that "even the strongest man will fail if you used the trick".

The sentence in the screenshot means that "no one can succeed if you are betrayed".

우는 아이 앞에 장사 없다더니.
No one can ignore the crying child.

세월 앞에 장사 없다는 말이 딱 들어맞네.
It is true that no one can overcome the time.
(It implies that he/she was really strong/healthy before but became weak now.)

발 등에 불이 떨어지다


If your feet caught a fire, then what will you do? You'll ignore everything and try to put it out. Like this, 발 등에 불 떨어지다 means that it's really urgent. You must finish it as soon as possible.

발 등에 불 떨어진 것도 모르고 자고 있네.
He doesn't realize that it's urgent and he's just sleeping now.

발 등에 불 떨어졌네. 빨리 해야겠다.
It's urgent. It should be finished asap.