3 Words in Running Man 337(Member’s Week V – Haha’s Week)

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널널하다 is actually a dialect version of 널찍하다(wide, broad). However, you can see this word in many sentences.

From the first meaning, it got many other meanings like "spacious" or having enough time and energy to finish the work. Sometimes, it is used to describe the personality, being generous and tolerant.

In the screenshot above, it is used as the meaning of "spacious".

Interestingly, its standard word, 널찍하다, is only used to describe wideness or broadness.

별로 널널한 것 같지 않은데 괜찮아?
It doesn't seem to be spacious. Is that OK?

시간도 널널한데, 어디 놀러나 갈까?
We have enough time. How about going somewhere?



It means groundless rumor.

류(유)(流) means to flow. 언(言) means to talk, speak. 비(蜚) means to spokes in wheels. 어(語) means to talk, speak. It means the words flowing (in the streets). So, it means rumor.

유언비어가 너무 심하게 퍼졌다.
The rumor has been spread too much.

정부의 소행이라는 유언비어가 확산되고 있다.
The rumor that the goverment did it is spreading wildly.



In highways, there are toll gates. Cars should stop to pay the fees. Toll gates are one of the reasons for the traffic jam on highways.

To solve this problem, Korean government made 하이패스(high-pass). If you install this on your car, you can just move through the special gate of the toll gate and the fee will be automatically paid.

Because of that, when you pass the gate without much hassle, it is sometimes called "하이패스 같다".

하이패스가 빠르기는 하네.
하이패스 is fast.

고속도로를 많이 쓰니까 하이패스 하나 장만해 놔야 겠다.
I use highways a lot, so I should buy 하이패스.