3 Words in Running Man 336(Members’ week VI – Last Ultimate Battle of Supernaturals)



먹튀 got its characters from "먹"고 "튀"다. It means to take something and run away.

In the screenshot above, a woman got hot pack from 광수 and moved away. So, it's 먹튀.

In sports world, when an athlete signed up a huge deal, but he couldn't play the game because of injuries, it's also called 먹튀.

본의 아니게 먹튀가 되어 버렸다.
It wasn't my intention, but I became a fraud.

경영진의 먹튀 때문에 회사가 위험에 처했다.
Because of the fraud of the board of directors, the company is now in danger.



빈틈 is used as a single word. There is no space between the 2 characters. However, it came from the 2 words, 빈 and 틈. 빈 means open. It came from the adjective, 비다. 틈 means crack, gap.

So, 빈틈 means crack or gap. But it also has the meaning of weak points.

Think about martial arts. A person is guarding his body, there was an opening in his guard. Then, that opening is his weak point. So, 빈틈 got the meaning of weak points or flaw, drawback.

빈틈을 보이지 마.
Don't show as openings.

그렇게 빈틈 없는 사람은 또 처음 봤다.
I've never seen a flawless person like him.



초딩 means elementary school students. In Korean, elementary school is 초등학교. It seems that "딩" came from "등" in 초등학교.

You can find many variants of this.

  • 중딩: middle school student
  • 고딩: high school student
  • 중고딩: middle and high school student
  • 대딩: college student
  • 직딩: workers in companies
  • 국딩: elementary school student – More than 20 years ago, the name of 초등학교 was 국민학교(school for citizens). You can hear this word from adults when they are talking about their childhood.

초딩이 중딩이 된다고 해도 크게 달라지는 것은 없어.
When an elementary school student becomes a middle school student, there are not many changes.

왜 대딩이 고딩처럼 하고 다녀?
You are in college. Why do you act like high school students?