3 Words in Running Man 335(Member’s Week III: Ji Suk Jin Special)



It means aftertaste, a taste, usually an unpleasant one, remaining in your mouth after eating or drinking something. You can find some sentences with this meaning in Korean, too.

However, there is one more meaning. When you experiece something bad because of your previous decision or action, you can use this like 뒷맛이 나쁘다.

그 커피는 뒷맛이 좋지 않다.
That coffee doesn't have good aftertaste.

그런 짓을 하고 나니 뒷맛이 좋지 않더라고요.
After doing that thing, I felt regrets.



군기 means military discipline.

Soldiers walk in lines. They follow rules. They look disciplined. That's why 군기 is used when someone became obedient to rules after some desciplines.

It's usually used like 군기가 들다.

군기가 바짝 들었네.
You became really obedient to rules.

왜 이런 데서 군기를 잡고 있어?
Why are you trying to make them obedient to rules in the place like here?

빵 터지다


When something is really funny, you sometimes burst into laughter. 빵 터지다 is the phrase for this situation. 빵 doesn't mean bread here. It's an onomatopoeia of bursting. 터지다 means to burst.

정말 빵 터지네. 너무 재밌잖아.
I burst into laughter. It's really funny.

참으려고 했는데 빵 터져 버렸어.
I tried to hold back my laughter, but I couldn't. It burst out.