3 Words in Running Man 333(Member’s Week I: Song Ji Hyo Special)



When someone always says "I don't know" for any question he got, it is called 모르쇠. It came from two words, 모르다 and 쇠. As we all know, 모르다 means "not know". It is unclear why "쇠" is added after 모르다. Some guess that 쇠 is sometimes used for some type of people like 마당쇠(a servant who cleans yard), 돌쇠(a old-fashioned word for servant, you can find this word in many old stories), 구두쇠(We'll learn 구두쇠 soon.), etc.

Anyway, you can use 모르쇠 if someone constantly says "I don't know". That's why it is usually used in the form of "모르쇠로 일관하다". 일관하다 here means to be constant.

그는 계속 모르쇠로 일관했다.
He constantly said that he didn't know about it.

계속 모르쇠로 그러고 있지 말고 아는 것 좀 말해 봐.
Stop telling me "I don't know" and please tell me what you know.



장유유서 means that there is an order between the young and the old. It usually means that the old should be honored/respected. It's kind of culture word.

In the screenshot above, 석진 ate everything first because he's the eldest of the team. That's why the word is used.

요즘에는 장유유서를 거부하는 사람들이 많다.
These days, many people rejects "elder first" culture.

장유유서의 문화가 나쁜 점만 있는 건 아니야.
The "elder first" culture doesn't have only bad points.



Like I said above, 쇠 here means a person. And as many of you know, 구두 means leather shoes. Then, you might have guessed that 구두쇠 is related with someone working in show industry.


The etymology of this word is unclear. But some researchers say that 구두 came from the word, 굳다, meaning harden, solidify, etc. In old Korean, this word had the meaning pinching pennies, being like Scrooge.

So, the meaning of this word is miser, penny pincher, scrooge, or those who don't like spending money a lot.

구두쇠처럼 굴지 말고 돈 좀 써 봐.
Don't be a scrooge and spend some money.

구두쇠인 줄 알았는데, 쓸 때는 쓰는 사람이었다.
I thought he was a penny pincher, but he was the person who spends money when he needs it.