3 Words in Running Man 332(2017 Kick off)



It means new year kick off meeting. 시(始) means to start. 무(務) means to work. 식(式) means ceremony. So, it is kick off meeting.

올해는 시무식 없이 조용하게 시작했다.
This year, we started quietly without kick off meeting.

시무식이라고 해서 뭔가 대단한 것이 있을 줄 알았는데, 별 거 없었어.
As it was called a kick off meeting, I thought it was something amazing, but there was nothing new or great.



It basically means "mother's womb". Human's lives start from his or her mother's womb. So, 모태 got the meaning, "from your birth", or originally, or naturally.

It seems that the first word 모태 was used with was 모태 신앙, the faith from your mother's womb. (As a Christian, I personally don't believe it is possible and I hate this word.)

These days, you can find words like 모태 미모(beauty from the birth), 모태 솔로(being single from the birth, it means you didn't have date from your birth), etc.

아이가 어머니 뱃속에서 신앙을 이해할 수 없기 때문에 모태 신앙이라는 표현은 옳지 않다.
As a child cannot understand faith in her mother's womb, the faith from your mother's womb is not a correct expression.

어린 시절 사진 공개. 모태 미녀 인증.
She revealed her childhood photos. She proved that she's pretty from birth.



합리화 is rationalization. If something is reasonable, it is called 합리적이다. -화 is -ify or -ize in English. So, 합리화 is rationalization.

왜 그렇게 합리화하려는 거지?
Why are you rationalizing like that?

계속 이유를 이야기하는데 결국은 자기 합리화일 뿐이야.
You are telling me reasons, but it's just a rationalization.