3 Words in Running Man 330(Probability Tour Part 2)



초성 means the first sound. As we all know, every Korean character has 1-3 consonants and a single vowel. The first consonant sound is called 초성, the second vowel sound is called 중성, the last consonant sound is called 종성. Even if there are 2 consonants in 받침, only one of them are pronounced, so, there are only 3 of them.

In Korean, you can find some words with 초성s. Because it's fast and easy. It's called 초성 검색.

예능에서는 초성을 사용한 게임을 많이 한다.
In variety shows, the games with the first sound is played a lot.

인터넷에서는 가끔 초성만 적어 놓는 경우가 있어서 무슨 말인지 이해하는데 시간이 걸리는 경우가 있다.
In Internet, you can sometimes find some words written only with their first sounds. So, it takes a little bit of time to understand them.



물가 means prices. But they are not ordinary price for the products. It means the average price of items. That's why you can find this word in many economy-related articles.

You can find phrases like 물가가 올랐다(the price has increased), 물가를 잡겠다(the government will try to stop the increase of prices or stabilize the prices.

물가가 계속 오르고 있다.
Prices are continuously increasing.

정부는 항상 물가를 잡겠다고 이야기는 하는데, 그렇게 되는 것을 못 봤다.
The government always says that they will stabilize the prices, but I never saw their success.

다 된 밥에 재 뿌리기


It basically means to sprinkle ash on the finished rice. When ash is sprinkled on the rice, you cannot eat them. That's why it means to ruin the work at the end.

In the screenshot, 권렬 VJ ruined the mission, so this phrase is used.

다 된 밥에 재 뿌리기냐? 왜 그래?
Why do you ruin our works at the end? What made you do so?

다 된 밥에 재 뿌릴 뻔했네. 다행이다.
I almost ruined the work. What a relief!