3 Words in Running Man 329(United or Divided)



국악 means Korean traditional music. 인 means a person. So, it means a person who does traditional Korean music.

When 인 is added after a word, it usually means someone who does the work in front of it like 음악인 for musicians, 예능인 for comedians who does 예능, etc.

NBA stands for National Basketball Association. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Like these, 국, meaning nation or country, is also used to call some Korean things like 국어 for Korean language, 국정원 for National Intelligence Service, etc.

국악도 들어 보면 꽤 괜찮아.
Korean traditional musics are really good when you listen to it.

후배 예능인들에게 많은 도움이 되고 싶습니다.
I want to be a great help to my fellow comedians. (후배 is for those who started something later than me. It is not only used in the school. In English, there is no good word for this, so I've chosen fellow.)



실물 is a real object. 깡패 is a gangster. From these, you cannot guess the meaning. It's the antonym of photogenic. It means "when you meet someone in person, you will realize that he or she looks better than the photo."

정말 실물깡패였어. 도대체 누가 사진을 그렇게 찍은 건지.
He was really handsome. Who on earth took the photo like that?

사진 보고 실물 깡패라고 쓰면 어떻게 알지?
When you say someone is not photogenic by watching a photo, how do you know that?



It is a shortened word of 생활 필수품, necessary items for life.

생필품 가격이 자꾸 오른다.
The prices for daily necessities are constantly rising.

생필품만 샀는데도 3만원이 넘어갔다.
I just bought necessities, but it went over 30,000 won.