3 Words in Running Man 328(Busan Vacation)



무안 is used when you feel embarrassed that you cannot see other's face.

그렇게 무안해질 것 알면서 왜 거짓말을 했어요?
Why did you lie when you knew you would be embarrassed?

무안해 할 일 아니야. 기운 내.
It's not something to be embarrassed. Cheer up.



When you do something in haste, it is called 허겁지겁.

그렇게 허겁지겁 먹지 마라. 체한다.
Don't eat quickly like that. Your stomach will upset.

허겁지겁 일처리를 하다 보니 빠뜨린 것이 있었다.
As I handled works in haste, there was something missing.



당첨 is the special word for winning a lottery. But it shouldn't be only lottery. It's something random, it can be used. It can be also used for bad situations like penalties.

난 꼭 이럴 때만 당첨되더라.
I get the chance only when something like this happens.

당첨될 줄 알았는데, 아니었어.
I thought I could get the chance, but I couldn't.