3 Words in Running Man 327(Bromance War)



When something is in the middle or center of something, it is called 한복판에 있다. As it is the word to describe a place, it is usually used with 있다 a lot. Interestingly, it is rarely used with 없다, because it has a nuance of emphasizing the centerness.

It has nothing to do with 한복, Korean traditional clothes.

강남 한복판에서 농사를 짓는 아저씨가 있다는데…
It is said that there is a farmer in the middle of Gangnam.

도로 한복판에서 싱크홀이 발견되었다.
A sinkhole was found in the center of a road.



You are excited and your mind is not calm. You are expecting the good result so much. It is called 설레다 in Korean. Actually, 설레다 is the standard and 설레이다 is wrong. But many people prefer to use 설레이다 a lot.

When you are excited, you cannot be silent, you are moving constantly. This is called 설레발 in Korean. Usually, it is used in the form, 설레발을 떨다, being restless becasue of excitement.

설레발 떨지 마.
Don't be restless. / Do not expect too much.

주식이 좀 올랐다고 설레발 떨었는데, 결국 더 많이 떨어졌다.
I was excited because the prices of my stock went up, but it went down dramatically after that.



It came from the traditional board game, 바둑(Go), in East Asia. 정석 is the exemplary arrangement of stones. It is one of the best result that came from various matches.

From this, 정석 is usually used to call some standard procedure/practice or exemplary methods.

항상 정석대로만 할 필요는 없어.
You shouldn't always be exemplary.

수학의 정석.
The examples of Math. – It is the most famous mathematics book for high schoolers in Korean. It has a history of 50 years.