3 Words in Running Man 326(Steamed Rice Stealer Race)



The basic meaning of 하차 is to get off from a car. However, it is really hard to find the sentence with that usage. It is easier to find the sentence with the second meaning derived from the original one. It is to give up or resign in the middle of something. It is usually used a lot in some TV shows or roles.

If you read the book, "Good to Great", by Jim Collins, you heard of his "Bus". He used bus as an analogy to a team. If you get out of that bus before it arrives its destination, you are resigning or giving up.

개리는 꿈을 이루기 위해 7년 간 해 왔던 런닝맨에서 하차했다.
To make his dream come true, Gary departed from Running Man which he had done for 7 years.

잠시만 하차하는 줄 알았는데, 다시 볼 수 없게 되었다.
I thought that he departed the show for a short while, but he departed the show forever.



The basic meaning of 밥도둑 is "rice thief". However, like 하차, it's hard to find the sentence with that usage. This means the really delicious dish that makes you eat rice amazingly fast. In other words, because of this dish, you ate your bowl of rice without noticing it.

Usually, 간장게장 is famous for this nickname. However, it can be used for any delicious food.

이게 진짜 밥도둑이지.
This is really delicious.

완전 밥도둑이 다 모였네.
Wow, every dish on the table looks delicious.



어김없이 means without fail, surely, certainly. It came from the verb, 어기다, to break a promise or rule.

So, when you don't break a promise, it happens. That's why it got that meaning.

오늘도 어김없이 그는 운동을 한다.
Today, he worked out again.

토요일이 되자 그들은 어김없이 나타났다.
On Saturday, they appeared without fail.

Know thy Kimchi.

In the middle of the show, 지효 team went out for side dishes and they ate a lot of 김치s. In the illustration below, you can find various 김치s. How many of them did you know?