3 Words in Running Man 326(Deficiency Travel)



무명 means "not famous", unknown. It's the antonym of 유명.

그는 무명 시절부터 연습벌레로 유명했다.
He was famous for hard practice since when he was unknown.

무명 시절은 다들 힘들어요. 하지만 나중에 유명해지더라도 이 때 그 마음을 잊지 마세요.
Life is difficult for everyone when they are unknown. But don't forget this time when you become famous.



자아도취 is narcissism or to fall in love with yourself.

Narcissism is a kind of habit or life style. However, 자아도취 is usually used for situation. When you are in the state of falling in love with yourself, it's 자아도취. It's not used to describe personlaties.

완전 자아도취 상태인데.
It seems that she's perfectly

자아도취 상태에서 떠들어서, 내가 뭔 소리를 했는지도 기억이 안 난다.
I was too full of myself, I cannot remember what I said.



When something changes naturally and slowly, it's 스르르.

방이 따뜻하다 보니 스르르 잠이 들었다.
As the room was warm, he fell in sleep soon.

아무 것도 하지 않았는데, 문이 스르르 열렸다. 뭔가 무서웠다.
I didn't do anything, but the door opened slowly. It was somewhat scary.