3 Words in Running Man 325(Good bye Gary)



마침표 is the period at the end of the sentences. We write period to end the sentence. From this, the expression "마침표를 찍다" is born. It means "to end something"

As 개리 ends his 7-year journey of Running Man in this episode, so 마침표 is used.

7년 간의 촬영도 오늘로 마침표를 찍습니다.
7 years as a member of this show end today.

어찌 됐든 이 일의 마침표를 찍어야 한다.
You should end this project no matter what.



It means to share your sorrows and joys or pains and pleasures.

2 동(同)s mean the same or identical. 고(苦) means bitter, pain, sorrow. 락(樂) means joy, happiness, pleasure. So, it means undergoing pain and pleasure together.

It is also used in this episode because 개리 and other members had undergone pain and pleasure together.

모두가 동고동락하면서 30년간 이 회사를 크게 키웠다.
Everyone has shared joys and sorrows for 30 years and made this company great.

이 인명 구조견은 소방관들과 5년간 동고동락했다.
This rescue dog has shared joys and sorrows with fire fighters for 5 years.



진절머리 came from the word, 진저리. 진저리 is more formal than 진절머리.

진저리 basically means to shudder. When something cold is abruptly put on your skin, you shudder. You also shudder when your are sick of something or you felt disgust, dislike.

진절머리 got 진저리's second meaning, showing/feeling disgust. It isn't usually used for "shudder". It is usually used in the form, 진절머리가 나다.

정말 진절머리가 날 정도로 설명을 했다.
I explained it on and on until I became sick of it.

그 때 있었던 일을 생각하면 아직도 진절머리가 난다.
When I think of the things that happened at that time, I still feel strong disgust.