3 Words in Running Man 323(My Avatar Can)



When there are too many kinds of something, it is called 천차만별. It can be translated as "all sorts of", "various kinds of".

천(千) means a thousand. 차(差) means difference. 만(萬) means a ten thousand. 별(別) means divide or difference. It basically means a thousand differences and a ten thousand divisions. It just means so much differences or really various.

세상을 살다 보면 천차만별의 사람들을 만나기 마련이다.
You can meet all sorts of people in your life.

가격이 정말 천차만별인데, 왜 그런 거야?
The price varies too much, why is that?



When someone is mischievous, it is 짓궂다 in Korean. In English word, mischievous, you can guess some "harmless". However, in 짓궂다, the negativeness in the word is really strong. When someone is mischievous, he or she will bother you a lot or make you mad.

When you want to talk about harmless mischievousness, it is better to use "장난기가 심하다" or "장난을 좋아한다".

그런 짓궂은 장난은 그만 쳐.
Stop bothering me.

짓궂은 아이들 사이에서 혼자만 조용히 있는 철수가 이상해 보였다.
In the middle of mischievous children, 철수 was odd because he was the only quiet child.



When in [sports] games, each team wants to show their power/skills from the start and tries to make the opponent think that they cannot win. This is called 기선제압 in Korean.

기선 means the first move or action. 제압 means oppress, suppress, subdue.

홈런 한 방으로 기선 제압에 성공한 두산은 한국 시리즈 3차전 경기도 승리했다.
두산 showed their power with the first home run in the game and they won the 3rd game in Korean series.

기선제압 용으로 쓰려고 했던 건데, 실패했다.
I wanted to use it to show our skills, but failed.