3 Words in Running Man 322(밀정 운동회, Running Man Autumn Sports Day)



You were almost dead, but revived from that danger. It's called 기사회생. It's used a lot in games. You almost lost the game, but revived at the end.

기(起) means arise. 사(死) means death. 회(回) means to return. 생(生) means to live. So, 기사회생 means "arise from death and returned to life".

컵스는 1승 3패로 탈락 위기에 놓였으나, 2연승하며 기사회생했다.
Cups almost lost the series by 1-3. But they won 2 games in a row and revived.

갤럭시 노트로 인해 많은 피해를 본 삼성은 기사회생할 수 있을까?
Can Samsung revive after the huge loss of Galaxy Note?



In some big supermarkets, there is no closing day. They are just open throught the year.

It is 연중무휴 in Korean.

It's a bit different from 24/7. In 24/7, it means literally no close. It open 24 hours and 365 days in a week. However, in 연중무휴, you can take some rest at nights.

이 가게는 연중무휴다.
This shop is always open throughout the year.

연중무휴라고 써 놨는데 1년에 5일 정도는 쉬더라고.
It says that they are open throughout the year, but they close about 5 days a year.



When something happened without any notice or when you experienced something in confusion of moment, it is called 얼떨결.

It's usually used in the form, 얼떨결에.

원래 공개하려고 했던 것이 아닌데 얼떨결에 공개해 버렸다.
I didn't open it, but I did it without thinking.

얼떨결에 산 물건이지만 잘 쓰고 있다.
I bought this without thinking, but I am using it well.