3 Words in Running Man 321(No Way Out Race)



When something or someone separate and small are here and there, it is called 옹기종기 in Korean.

It is usually used when things are grouped here and there in small amounts. So, it is usually used in the phrase "옹기종기 모여 있다".

아이들이 운동장에 옹기종기 모여 있었다.
Kids are gathered on the ground here and there.

그 골목에는 맛집이 옹기종기 모여 있었다.
In that alley, we could find some good restaurants here and there.

물로 보다


If we translate it directly, it means to watch something as water.

It is used when you are ignored. In particular, if a person looked down upon your ability, personality, etc. It's the perfect context that you can use the phrase 물로 보다.

날 물로 보지 마.
Don't ignore me.

그냥 물로 봤었는데 생각보다 강하더라고.
I thought she was negligible, but she was stronger than I thought.



There is a city called Greenbelt in Maryland, US. In this context, green belt is the policy about restricting development. It is said that it was started in 1950s in UK.

In South Korea, this was started in July, 1971 to prevent crowdness in cities and protect nature, etc. This "Green Belt Zone" is continuously decreasing after elections because of the votes.

그린벨트가 해제되면 땅값이 많이 오른다.
When the green belt is removed, the real estate price increases dramatically.

땅을 샀는데 그린벨트 때문에 아무 것도 할 수 없다.
I bought the land, but I cannot do anything because it is in green belt.