3 Words in Running Man 320(Hangul Proclamation Day Special Race)



When performance, concert, TV show, movie became really big success, it's called 흥행.

The work that succeeded is called 흥행작.
The work that is succeeding now is called 흥행 중이다 or 흥행 돌풍을 몰고 오다. The latter one literally means that "came with the whirlwind of success."
The formula for success in TV show, movie are called 흥행 공식.

올해 흥행작들만 몰아서 볼 생각이다.
I decided to watch succeeded movies this year.

올해 하반기 흥행작으로 기대되었으나 흥행에 실패했다.
Everyone guessed that it will be a great success but failed.



When something is piled up, it is called 수북하다.

수북하게 쌓인 서류를 보니 한숨부터 나왔다.
When I see the files that piled up, I cannot help sighing.

3년 간 안 쓰고 놔 뒀더니 먼지가 수북하게 쌓였다.
I put them there without using for 3 years. The dust piled up.

큰소리 뻥뻥치다


When you swore something for sure, you speak in loud voice. In that case, 큰소리 뻥뻥치다 is used.

번지 점프 할 수 있다고 큰소리 뻥뻥 치고 올라왔는데, 무섭긴 무섭다.
I swore that I can do bungee jumping. But it is a bit scary up here.

그렇게 큰소리 뻥뻥 치더니만 결과가 이것밖에 안 돼?
You told me that you could do that. But do you say that this is the final result?