3 Words in Running Man 318(Running Man TV)



이상형 is the ideal type of a man or woman. If a celebrity doesn't go out with anyone, many people are curious about his or her ideal type. That's why you can find this word in many news or TV shows.

이상형은 어떤 사람이에요?
Who is your ideal type?

제 이상형은 성격이 좋은 사람이요.
My ideal type of man should be kind and gentle.



틈새 originally means gap or crack. From this basic meaning, this word got other meanings like the weak point in guard, or niche market.

In the screenshot above, it means open/weak area in the guard.

벽에 있는 틈새 사이로 빛이 들어온다.
Through the crack in the wall, the light is coming in.

틈새 공격에 당했다.
I got attacked through the open point.

자신에게 맞는 틈새 시장을 찾아야 한다.
You should find the niche market that suits you.



주눅들다 means to discouraged or to have cold feet.

This word is used when you are scared or you felt that you cannot meet the expectation.

그렇게 주눅 들어하지 마. 너도 충분히 잘 하니까.
Don't be discouraged like that. You are good enough, too.

주눅 든 것 같은 얼굴을 하지 않으려고 노력했다.
I did my best not to make my face discouraged.