3 Words in Running Man 317(Running Man vs. Avengers 2)



오싹 is the feeling when the cold wind suddenly blows to you.

However, when you are scared, you can feel chill and sometimes you shiver. So, 오싹 is also used to describe when you are scared. 오싹 is used in this way above.

오싹 is 의태어. The verb form of 오싹 is usually 오싹하다.

찬바람이 불자 몸이 오싹 움츠러들었다.
When the cold wind blew, my body shrank.

그렇게 오싹한 곳인지 몰랐다.
I didn't know that the place was that scary.



소름 is basically goosebumps. And I don't know why, buy many people like to write 소름 as 소오름. It seems that they want to emphasize the word by elongating it.

We got goosebumps in 2 cases: when we are scared and when we see something awesome.

The verb form of 소름 is usually 소름끼치다 or 소름돋다.

정말 소름끼치게 잘하네.
He's amazingly good at it.

너무 무서워서 나 소름돋았어.
It was too scary and I got goosebumps.

When you are scared, you can use both 오싹 and 소름.
When you felt chill, you should only use 오싹.
When you felt awesome, you should only use 소름.



괴리 basically means gap. However, there should be some significant difference between the items around the gap like good and bad, ideal and reality, etc.

When it is used like 괴리감, you felt something different between them.

현실과 이상 사이의 괴리 때문에 괴로워하고 있다.
Because of the gap between ideal and reality, he's in despair.

현재 상황과 언론 보도 사이에는 큰 괴리가 있다.
There is a big difference between current situation and media coverage.