3 Words in Running Man 316(감옥행, The Train to Prison)

Today, we'll learn 3 mimetic words.



팽팽 is used when something is tight. When something is tight, you can feel tension. Because of that, it sometimes means close games. As you can guess, this is the meaning in the screenshot.

It is not related with the first meaning, but 팽팽 is also used when you feel dizzy. When something moves around fast, it is called 팽팽 돌다.

이거 옷이 너무 팽팽한데.
The clothes is too tight.

줄을 팽팽하게 잡아당겼다.
He pulled the rope tight.



덩실덩실 is used for dance. Usually, 덩실덩실 dance is slow and you should put your hands above your head.

덩실덩실 춤을 추고 나니 기분이 좀 나아졌다.
After dancing, I felt better.

노래가 나오자 다들 덩실덩실 춤을 췄다.
When the music came out, everybody danced.



When you murmur your complaints, it's 구시렁구시렁 in Korean. It's usually translated as grumble. When it's used in verb form, it's 구시렁대다.

그만 좀 구시렁대고 일 해.
Stop grumbling and go work!

뭐가 그렇게 불만이 많은지 하루 종일 구시렁구시렁 거리고 있다.
It seems that he has a lot of complaints and he never stops grumbling all day long.