3 Words in Running Man 315(손 맛 볼 ‘지도’, Running Map)



When something doesn't get along with others, it is called 위화감 in Korean. It is usually translated to disharmony or incompatibility.

In the above screenshot, 종국 said he's okay, but you can feel that he's not okay. That's why 위화감 is used.

뭔가 위화감을 느꼈는데, 그게 원인이었구나.
I felt a kind of disharmony. That was the problem.

정말 위화감 없네. 있는 줄도 몰랐어.
You are in perfect harmony. I didn't know that you were there.



When you were too busy doing something else and couldn't finish something important or did something wrong, it is called 한눈팔다 in Korean.

Although there is no spacing in this word, you can see the word 한, 눈, 팔다. You've sold one of your eye to something else. So, you cannot see clearly.

한눈팔다가 넘어졌다.
He was too busy watching and tripped.

한눈팔지 말고 집중해.
Stop being distracted and concentrate.



이실직고 means "to be honest". However, it is usually used when you tell the truth after a lot of questioning or interrogation.

이(以) means by. 실(實) means real or reality. 직(直) means direct. 고(告) means to tell. So, it means tell the reality or truth.

여러 번 물어 보니까 이실직고하더라고.
After asking a few times, he told the truth.

그렇게 이실직고할 거면서 거짓말은 왜 했어?
You would tell the truth after all. Why did you tell lies?