3 Words in Running Man 313(런닝우먼, Running Woman)



싱크로 is synchro. As in synchronize, synchro means to happen at the same time. 율 means ratio.

When Koreans use 싱크로율, it has nothing to do with actions. It is about the similarity. It is usually used a lot with appearances. When some people look similar, Koreans sometimes call it as "싱크로율이 높다" or "싱크로율 100%".

따로 봤을 때는 몰랐는데, 붙여 놓고 보니까 완전 싱크로율 100%인데?
When I saw them separately, I didn't know it but after looking at them together, they are really similar.

그 배우와 원작의 주인공은 싱크로율이 완벽하다.
The main character in the cartoon and the actor are amazingly similar.



직관 is the shortened word of 직접 관람, watching it at the place.

This word came from sports. When you visit stadium and watch the match in person, you are watching the game at the place. This is called 직관 in Korean.

The live broadcast of matches are called 중계.

내가 직관을 가면 항상 져서 직관을 가지 말아야 할까봐.
When I visit stadiums to watch the game, my team always loses. It seems that I should not visit the stadium.

직관에는 중계에서 느낄 수 없는 감동이 있어.
When you visit stadiums, there are touching moments that you cannot experience with broadcast.

꽃길, 가시밭길


꽃길 is the road with flowers and 가시밭길 is the road with thorns. Each of them is used to call rosy and difficult future.

꽃길만 걷게 해 줄게.
I'll promise you a rosy future.

가시밭길일 것을 알면서도 하는 거야?
You know you will meet the hard future, but you are trying it. Right?