3 Words in Running Man 312(월간 런닝맨, Monthly Evaluation)

숟가락 얹기


The direct translation of this expression is "putting your spoon on it(table)".

A team did a great work. So, the boss threw them a party. On the party table, someone who has nothing to do with it came and put his spoon on the table and ate with them shamelessly. The expression came from this situation.

When someone who does little for the big success claims credit for it, it is called 숟가락 얹기 in Korean.

또 숟가락 얹기냐? 아무것도 한 것도 없으면서.
Are you claiming credit again? You didn't do anything.

숟가락만 얹으려고 하지 말고 일 좀 해.
Don't try to take credit without doing anything. Go work!

누가 뭐래도


Whatever they say is 누가 뭐래도 in Korean. Originally, it's 누가 뭐라(고) 해도. It's the shortened form.

누가 뭐래도 이 책의 저자는 그 사람이야.
Whatever they say, the author of this book is him.

누가 뭐래도 틀린 것은 틀린 것이야.
Whatever they say, wrong is wrong.



This word came from 2 words, 대박 and 아이템.

대박 is used when something is good, awesome. It is also used when something terrible has happened. You can learn this word from ttmik. So, 대박템 means awesome item.

"템" is sometimes added a lot in gaming words.

득템: 득(得) means to get. So, it means to get an item. It is usually used when you get some 대박템s.
잡템: 잡(雜) means miscellaneous, useless, mixed, etc. 잡템s are unimportant or miscellaneous items.

대박템 득템!
I've got an awesome item.

이번 이벤트에서 대박템 꼭 받아가세요!
Get the awesome items in this event!