3 Words in Running Man 311(미스터리 큐브 어드벤처, Mystery Cube Adventure)

미련 없다


미련 없다 means to have no regret.

Some of you might have wondered the difference between 미련 and 후회.

미련: 깨끗이 잊지 못하고 끌리는 데가 남아 있는 마음.
To not be able to forget it clearly and you still want it.

후회: 이전의 잘못을 깨치고 뉘우침.
To repent what you did wrong before.

When you did something wrong, you repent and try not to do it again. After the repentance, you regret it because you lost what you could get. This mind is called 미련. Because of that, 미련 and 후회 are usually interchangeable.

미련 없이 끝냈다고 생각했는데 계속 생각이 난다.
I thought I finished it without any regret, but I cannot forget it.

정말 미련 없을 정도로 다 해 봤다.
I did everything I could. I don't have any regrets.



When you are upset about some rules of the government, you send civil appeal. It's 민원 in Korean.

민원 작성은 처음인데 이렇게 하는 거 맞지요?
It's my first time writing civil appeal. Is it correct to do it like this?

민원이 엄청나게 들어왔어.
We've got a lot of civil appeals.

아침형 인간


Are you a morning person? Morning person(those who rise up early in the morning) is 아침형 인간 in Korean.

아침형 인간의 장점이 뭐야?
What's the benefit of being a morning person?

아침형 인간이 되어볼까 시도해 봤는데 힘들더라고.
I tried to be a morning person, but it was hard for me.