3 Words in Running Man 307(따봉 커플레이스, Thumbs up Couple Race)


Thanks to the Internet, we can watch any show in any time. However, if you like a TV show a lot, you will plan out the time for the show in advance and watch that show on time.

본방사수 came from this kind of habits by many people. 본방 is shortened form of 본방송 meaning the show on time. If it's a rerun, it's 재방송. 사수 means to defend to the death. So, it means to watch the show on time no matter what.

회사 일 때문에 이번 주도 본방사수에 실패했다.
Because of the works, I failed watch it on time this week again.

그렇게 본방사수가 하고 싶었어?
Did you really wanted to watch it on time?



When you are between failure and success, it is called 아슬아슬 in Korean. It is usually translated as dangerous. However, in the screenshot above, narrowly might be better because it was narrowly between failure and success.

아슬아슬하게 성공할 뻔 했는데 실패했다.
I almost did it but failed.

매번 그렇게 아슬아슬하게 오지 말고 좀 여유 있게 좀 와 봐.
Every time you narrowly come on time. Don't do that and come early.



It seems that this word came from the game, LOL, League of Legends. There is a champion called Udyr. He's famous for changing stances when he fights. "Changing stance" is called 태세 전환 in Korean.

From this, when someone changes opinions or views really fast, many people call it like "태세 전환이 빠르다". Some LOL gamers use the phrase like "우디르급 태세전환"(fast stance/opinion change like Udyr).

어제는 이긴다고 좋아하더니 오늘은 또 졌다고 울상이야. 태세 전환이 너무 빠르잖아.
You were happy because of win, but you look like you will cry soon because of the loss. Your change is too fast.

운영자들의 태세 전환이 빠르네. 어제는 안 된다고 하더니.
The stance change of operators are fast. They said that it's impossible yesterday.