3 Words in Running Man 305(런닝맨 vs. 어벤져스, Running Man vs. Avengers)



It came from rice farm. When you cultivate rice, you should store water in the field and make a rice paddy(논). Sometimes, you should change the water in the paddy. From this, when you change a lot of people at once in a group, it means 물을 갈다 or 물갈이 for noun form.

많은 기업들에서 임원들의 물갈이가 진행되었다.
In many corporations, executives were changed.

이번 일을 계기로 장관들이 물갈이되었다.
After the event, ministers are changed.



생계 means how to live or how to make money to live.

He called 하하 as 생계형 예능인 because he thought that he only shows up on programs to make money.

In news, you can see words like 생계형 범죄. It means the crime like thieving because the criminal had to eat to live.

생계형 범죄라고 봐 주다가는 세상이 어떻게 되겠어?
How will the world be like if you ignore them because they did it to live?

트럭을 모는 것으로 생계를 유지하고 있다.
He continues his life by driving trucks.



밀당 came from 2 verbs, 밀다(push) and 당기다(pull).

Between couples, sometimes one pretend to not love the other because she wants to know whether he loves her. When they do this, it's like pushing(pretending not to love) and pulling(pretending to love) each other, so it got this name.

Sometimes, it is translated as playing games.

밀당이 연애에 필요한 이유.
Why playing games is important in love life.

언제까지 밀당만 할 거야?
When will finish playing games with me?